Our training courses, offered by Prof. Dr Wayne Visser and Indira Kartallozi, Directors of Kaleidoscope Futures, are typically half-a-day to one-day, depending on the client’s needs. They can also be delivered as keynote speeches or academic lectures. We have 5 courses in our Sustainable Transformation 2018 series:

Transformative Social Responsibility & Creating Integrated Value

This course explores the evolution of social responsibility over the past decade and the transformative principles and practices that are shaping the future of CSR, as well as the practice of creating integrated value across business functions, sustainability disciplines and management systems in business. Download the Course Outline.

Sustainability Innovation & Growing Effective Changemakers

This course explores how technology innovation can be used as a force for good in the world and what prevent many sustainable solutions going to scale, as well as alternative business structures that go the traditional corporation with its fiduciary duty to shareholders, and what impact they are having. Download the Course Outline.

Transformational Leadership & Becoming a Future-Fit Organisation

This course examines the nature of transformational leadership, how it is being applied to address sustainability challenges, and how it can apply to individual, as well as the ability to create better futures, to adapt to rapidly changing futures and to be resilient in the face of adverse futures. Download the Course Outline.

Business’ Human Rights & Responding to the Refugee Crisis

This course looks at how business should address human rights impacts by taking measures for their prevention, mitigation and, where appropriate, remediation, as well as presenting the trends of migration and how these demographic flows impact on policy makers, business and society. Download the Course Outline.

Stakeholder Engagement & Discovering New Tools for Transparency

This course explores methods of stakeholder identification, prioritisation and materiality assessment, as well as new forms of engagement through social media, as well as how the frameworks, guidelines and tools for corporate transparency and reporting are changing, along with new technologies. Download the Course Outline.

For more information or to host one of these courses at your organisation or event, do not hesitation to Contact Us.